Wheels of hope
Giving Hope, Improving Wellbeing
Kampung Senang is an IPC established since 1999. Wheels of Hope projects encompass 5 Community Charity Projects serving lonely elders, needy sick, and adults and children affected by cancer or mental deficiencies Our Wheels of Hope team helps the community by “Giving hope and improving wellbeing”.
Wheels of nurture
Education is the key to success. We believe that a holistic education is fundamental in training up a children. This is what we do through our carefully structured education programs and activities. Find out more what we do.
Our Programs
In Kampung Sengang, we are constantly looking to upgrade our knowledge and skills. A continuous learning attitude helps us to move on and move up in life. Join us in some of our programs to better improve yourself.
About Us
Kampung Senang is an eco-conscious charity reaching out to serve all people regardless of cultural or religious background through compassion-filled charity programs and education on holistic environmentally friendly lifestyles. Get to know us and join us in our quest.