Kampung Senang is a volunteer and community based charitable organisation that was established in 1999. As the name suggests, “Kampung” represents the community and “Senang” means a sense of wellness, harmony and peace. We promote a spirit of gratitude and serve people, caring for the environment. Our programs and services reach out to cancer patients, the disabled, the elderly and the young.

Your contribution can make a difference to the lives of the wheelchair-bound, elders and cancer patients. Our beneficiaries cover both adults and very young children. Kampung Senang is the first Community Charity to practice Eco-consciousness in all its service projects. By supporting Kampung Senang, you become part of our dual core mission – To Care for People and to Care for Environment.
Whether you are an individual or a corporation, there are many ways in which you can help Kampung Senang:

  1. Give to support our cause
  2. Be a volunteer
  3. Share your Testimony to encourage others