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From our Beneficiaries

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Wang Jinhua, 33
Mother of a 4-year-old girl
August 2013

Wang Jinhua discovered Kampung Senang’s neurofeedback service because of her 4-year-old daughter, who was attending the Ti Zi Gui (child social/relationship and Chinese language culture education) classes at Kg Senang’s Family Learning Centre, Blk 141 Lorong Ah Soo, and thought she would give it a try for her headaches and insomnia.

Her frequent headaches and poor sleep have since eased significantly after just 10 sessions in 3 weeks. She has since returned to work and is planning to schedule more sessions.

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Wender Sng
Mother of 10-year-old Daniel
20 July, 2013
(Real names have not been used)

Daniel was easily provoked, hot tempered and could not focus on his homework. Whenever he was asked to do homework, he would throw a tantrum. Getting him to concentrate after these tantrums was another challenge. He was never able to sit down at a task for more than 20 minutes.

After 15 sessions of Neurofeedback, my family has seen great improvement in Daniel’s ability to focus. He can now sit down for at least half an hour and his quality of work greatly improved. With that comes greater confidence and interest in completing his tasks. He is also able to play with his younger brother with less conflict and is always willing to give in. Neurofeedback has done wonders with him!

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Nora and David Wong
Family of Mdm Ho Leng Sun

Elderly Care Centre
It was in 2007 that Mdm Ho Leng Sun first started to go to the day care in Kampung Senang Elderly Care Centre. She was previously a noodle seller and since retiring, she had more free time which she usually spends at home watching TV. In order to find activities for her to keep herself occupied, the family had kept a look out for activities for her to be involved in.

Kampung Senang was a centre different from the rest which offered day activities which we felt she would enjoy and to better pass her time. The environment there, especially the garden offers a calm and relaxing scene which stood out from the other centers. Few years later, unfortunately she had suffered a mild stroke and began to have cognitive decline, eventually resulting in dementia. Despite the challenges, the centre had offered their caring and attentive support to her and the family. Currently Mdm Ho Leng Sun is 93 and had also recently had a fall resulting in her physical impairment. Despite the mental and physical challenge to take care of Mdm Ho Leng Sun, the staff at the centre had continually given their care and support. We would like to give a special word of thanks to Ms Joyce Yeo, Mr Tham and all the staff from the deepest of our hearts.

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Joanne Ong
Daughter of Mdm Neo Chng

Elderly Care Centre
This message is to convey to you our sincerest appreciation for the kind and good work that all of you at Kampung Senang Elderly Care Services are doing.

While our work commitments prevent us from being with our mother, we are grateful for the patient care you offer to my mum. We are impressed with the activities and the assistance you are providing my mum with great organic vegetarian food, outings and activities as well as arranging for the transportation.

While mum at her age may not be able to express her thankfulness, we are sure she would join us in thanking you.

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Mr Chng
Father of Chng Jia Yang

Whole Child Nurture
Sometime in 1998, I stumbled by “accident” upon Joyce Lye’s Waldorf education interest group. There, I learned about the benefits of Waldorf-Steiner education.

On Nov 2000 I was delighted to hear about the existence of Kampung Senang Childcare and Kindergarten (now known as Whole Child Nurture) in Tampines. It offered a Waldorf pre-school program under Miss Margarete Lange (a German Waldorf teacher). I was determined to send my son Jia Yang to a Waldorf education program. Some initial hardship included my wife’s resistance to the idea. She was worried that her son might not adjust well to primary school without formal, mainstream kindergarten teaching.

The experience at Kampung Senang turned out very well. Jia Yang learned about Goodness, Beauty and Truth in the environment of Kampung Senang. The holistic aspect of Waldorf education nurtured my child’s willingness to learn, compassion, inquisitiveness and the ability to think. These are very important life forces of a child’s development.

Rudolf Steiner indeed had a deeper insight of a child’s needs than most other educationists.

In his 4-years stay, my son established the most important foundation for his success in future: good physical health, sound character development and responsive learning abilities. He has become a happy, healthy and balanced child with much sensitivity and sensibility. This was reflected to me and his mother by his primary 1 and 2 school teachers.

The loving environment of Kampung Senang and its emphasis on respect, gratitude and filial piety will help to establish world health and world peace on earth. My son is a beneficiary as he imbibed the very core values espoused by the team at Kampong Senang. Thank you!

With much gratitude and love, I wish Kampung Senang many more successful years ahead. Your vision of promoting world health and peace will benefit many generations to come. Your tireless effort will motivate people – when they are ready – to come forward and embrace Kampung Senang’s vision and mission. Together we can grow its mission of achieving harmony and wellness for all.

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Chng Jia Yang

Whole Child Nurture
My name is Jia Yang. I am now 13 years old. In 2000, my father sent me to Kampung Senang Child Care Centre. At that time I was three and half years old. I spent my early childhood years there until I entered primary school.

I enjoyed my stay at Kampong Senang. The experience helped me to become an independent person. The most memorable time was spent outdoors in nature and tending to vegetable garden pulling weeds and planting. The food was tasty, nutritious and healthy. I like it very much.

I also enjoyed the handicraft lessons, water coloring activities and water play (washing cups and bowls). It was fun as my teacher was kind, patient and nurturing.

The teachers taught us manners through their examples. We learned to respect the elders, have good table manners and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

It was an unforgettable learning journey and I went back during my primary 1 and 2 school vacation time to join their holiday activities and also to be with my friends.

From our Members & Volunteers

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Shannen Huang

Why I Volunteer
How did you get involved in volunteer work?
My journey to voluntary work began through my participation in one of my company’s Social Recreational Committee activities. We brought children from the Singapore Children’s Society out for a half-day tour of the Marina Barrage followed by kite making and kite flying activity. The children were very well behaved. Being around them made me aware of their longingness for family and social togetherness and their desire for more of such activities.

Are there any consciousness awakening events that triggered your desire to volunteer?
In 2005 I learnt that I suffered from fundus flavimaculatus (FFM), a degeneration that progressively led to blindness. In 2011, complications set in and doctors injected me with intravitreal Lucentis which saved the majority of my central vision. However, doctors told me there was little likelihood I would every recover my vision.

I embarked on a journey to search for alternative therapies for my condition. In 2011 March I met my teacher, Ang Koh Chnee, a second generation Master in the practice of China Soaring Crane Qigong (中国鹤翔庄气功) and meditation practices in Choa Chu Kang. Subsequently in early 2012, I met John Wong, Chief of Bio Quantum Programs from Transcendental Connection, who in 2005 was struck with extensive nerve damage that caused him to be paralysed from the neck down and total blindness. His miraculous recovery manifested through awakening his healing power through strong consciousness inspired my own recovery. Through his mentorship, I learned that dis-eases manifest themselves when our body starts to have a mind of its own through poor diet, late sleeping habits, emotional and mental imbalance which pulls us away from nature’s way of healing and regenerating our cells. We are all Nature’s creation of perfection and wholesomeness and by partnering with Nature each of us can tap into our innate ability to heal ourselves and lead healthier lives. I learnt the science and spirituality behind awakening my own healing power and redirected my focus away from my own medical condition to helping others seek their path to recovery.

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