Green and Healthy Monday

The Green & Healthy Monday is a campaign to transform eating habits and lifestyle in Singapore. The campaign outreaches to companies; government agencies and organisations; schools; hospitals and community groups, restaurants and eateries, and encouraging them to make it convenient for people to have plant-based meal options.

Green and Healthy Seniors

REAL Programme

The REAL program is specifically designed to help seniors become Green and Healthy. It incorporates activities, workshops, therapies and handholding guidance to help active agers shift from despair to optimism, from chronic disease to restored health, and from resignation to renewed vigour for life.  This is a transformative program, especially designed for active agers, which will empower and support participants to make the necessary changes to the way they feel, behave, and think so that they can live life to the fullest.

Aims & Values

–              To help seniors live Green and Healthy

–              To facilitate active, graceful, and conscious aging

–              To promote sincere living, passion for life, and lifelong learning

Programme Delivery

–              Programme conducted in conjunction with community organisations

–              Programme activities conducted daily

–              Participants provided with plant-based lunches and weekly medical check-ups.

Green and Healthy Festival

Green and healthy festival is an annual outdoor carnival co-organised by Kampung Senang and Eco Harmony Global Network Ltd. The festival aims to create public awareness on green sustainability and disease prevention through Green and Healthy Living activities. It welcomes people of all ages interested in caring for wellbeing, nature and animals to celebrate at the green carnival.

Green and Healthy Ambassadors

Green & Healthy Ambassadors are community advocates championing to transform Singapore’s green and healthy lifestyle scene through public engagement works. Our ambassadors includes people, organisations and Human resource departments, whom we train and prepare them as representatives of GHA to their schools, workplace, and to the community at large. As part of the programme, Ambassadors may be involved with various GHA projects, from advocating, to assisting in programme facilitation, to supporting Green and Healthy operations.