HSPC Beginner

HSPC Beginner 从心开始

Our HSPC Beginner program is available to all our HSPC members(people affected by cancer), giving them emotional support and knowledge to help them boost their immunity against cancer.

Counselling 倾听辅导
Most people are overwhelmed with shock, despair and helplessness when diagnosed with cancer. If you or someone you know need to speak to someone about cancer, please feel free to call us. Tel:67498509
多数人在诊断出有癌症后,都会感到震惊和彷徨无助。倘若你或认识的人需要倾听你的心声,请拨电 67498509 联系我们。

Support Group Meetup 分享会
Regular meetups of cancer survivors and caregivers to share experience and learn from one another. Learn to eat nutrition-dense food that raises our energy and immunity level.Click HERE for the past and upcoming programs of our meetup


Weekly Members’ Day 会员日
Every Wednesday is our Members’ Day. Our HSPC members will get to enjoy the following:

  • Join us to rejuvenate yourselves through exercise, learn Healing Code and practise Laughter Yoga together. Click HERE for the full activities program
  • Wellness Program including Torsion Field energy, wellness check and diet consultation.Click HERE for the full wellness program
  • Special lunch set at $15 that includes a glass of ABC juice, salad sushi, soup of the day & organic rice set. (Original price $21)

每个星期三是轻安村特别为癌友设立的会员日。我们欢迎所有会员一起来练习返老还童呼吸法、疗愈密码和哈哈瑜伽;除此也免费使用八卦能量调理仪器、健康检测和食疗咨询。会员可以在这一天吃到特别午餐配套 (原价$21 特价$15),包括蔬果汁、沙拉寿司、例汤和有机糙米套餐。

Gift of Good Food Scheme 健康蔬果分发计划
Our volunteers make weekly home visits to cancer patients on every Saturday mornings with organic fruits and vegetables. They also provide emotional support, counselling and tips on healthy living.

Free Counselling
Support Group Meetup
Members' Day- Group Exercise
Gift of Good Food Scheme

For more info on the Program, please contact:

Holistic Lifestyle Centre
Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent #01-205, Singapore 380106
Tel : 67498509
Fax : 68445815
Email : hspc@kampungsenang.org

Click ↓ to download the HSPC membership form
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Fill up the form and email to hspc@kampungsenang.org