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Quantum Magnetic
Resonance Check

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Check

The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body indicate the status of the body’s health. Test targets are digestive issues, liver and kidney problems, vitamin D levels, cardiovascular issues, vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies and many more. The objective of the test is to take preventive measures to overcome areas that put us at sub-health level.

TimeWaver –
Where Body and Mind Meet


Causes leading to diseases are complex. They can be due to one’s mental state, viral, bacterial, genetic, and even environmental stress from work and family. Besides physiological, there are consciousness, emotional factors and environmental energy fields which we characterized them as the information field.
Information field connects to the body and mind, and hence the energy level and the physiological level. If we eliminate these causes of imbalances, the energy blockages affecting the healing process are also eliminated.
TimeWaver provides information related to the cause of symptoms and diseases by connecting to the patient’s information field. The analysis of the information field penetrates deep into mental, emotional and consciousness levels.
 TimeWaver works beyond the energetic-physiological level.
 Connects to psychic and mental level.
 Uncovers the hidden causes behind energy imbalances.

Complementary therapy

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Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy

Three alternative medical principles, Ozone therapy, Far Infrared therapy and Ultrasonic therapy are brought together in this therapy.
The effects it aims to achieve are as follow:
1. Internal warming that dilates the blood capillaries and warms not only skin level but also the bones.
2. Massaging effect that can be felt on every part of the body submerged inside water.
3. Deep Cleansing by flushing out dead cells and other waste accumulated in the pores.
4. Beauty and body contouring by trimming off excess layers of fats within the body and also resulting in skin firming and tightening.
5. Exercise – 15 minutes of ultrasonic bubble bath produces an exercise effect equivalent to 3 km of jogging.
The body temperature of cancer and depression patients seldom exceeds 36oC. People with low body temperature tend to have lower immunity. With 15 minutes of ultrasonic bath using water at about 39-40oC, one can easily raise the internal body temperature by up to 2oC. At this higher body temperature, the body’s immunity is boosted.

Torsion Field

Torsion Field Energy

The device is based on 64 natural Torsion field energy pillars model that transform into energy which can be shone directly on affected parts of the patients’ body. It is safe and environmental friendly.
It is suitable for nerve root-type cervical spondylosis, various lumbar diseases, osteoarthritis of knee joints, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as pain, swelling and dysfunctions caused by closed soft tissue injuries, stroke apoplexy, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, gynecological chronic diseases, cancer pain, pleural effusions, ovarian cyst, hepatic cyst, etc.

Foot Spa

Steam Foot Spa

Steam foot spa improves the quality of sleep, accelerate detoxification of toxins from the body and increase metabolism. For the elderly with stiff muscles and weak legs, steam foot spa helps to relax muscles and makes the legs feel light. It also improves blood circulation, which in turn aid in prevention of cerebral embolism and myocardial infarction arising from insufficient blood supply to the brain. It also relieves symptoms of menopause such as insomnia, palpitation, backache. Many desk bound office workers lack exercise suffer from poor blood circulation that manifest in cold hands and feet. Steam foot spa helps to improve blood circulation and warm the body.

& Oxygen Therapy

Hydrogen & Oxygen Therapy

H2O2 therapy was discovered by a Taiwanese medical doctor who switched to practising natural medicine. The machine breaks down distilled water into H2 + O2 which can be inhaled. Hydrogen helps to reduce inflammation by removing free radicals.
Another benefit of inhaling H2O2 is the reduction of body acidity and restoration of PH balance.
H2O2 therapy has been used to treat patients suffering from neurological disorder such as insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease with encouraging results. Patients did not exhibit any side effects.
In order to achieve best results, H2O2 therapy has to be accompanied by dietary changes.

Energy Healing

Chang Sheng Xue (CSX) Adjustment Service

Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent on Wednesday 10 am – 12 noon & Sunday 2 pm – 4 pm
Blk 840 Tampines St 82 on Friday 7 pm – 9 pm

Twin Heart Meditation & Pranic healing experience on Every Wednesday

One to one Pranic Healing by appointment only on 1st & 3rd Saturday

Art Therapy

art therapy

Pastel Shine Art is a new drawing method developed by Mr Shinichi Emura in Japan 20 years ago, with the wish to draw out the shine and light sleeping in human heart. You can easily create your one and only masterpiece of beautiful color gradation using hard pastel powder on cotton. Choose the colors you like and draw from your heart to discover your true self in this art therapy.
Mrs Keiko Kawaguchi learned this art therapy in Japan and acquired qualification as Pastel Shine Art Master Instructor certified by the Japan Pastel Shine Art Association. She has taught in the local communities, nursing schools, hospitals and kindergartens of Japan. Having the chance to be in Singapore, she hopes to share this healing art with as many people as possible.
Pastel Shine Art is not only about drawing. Each color represents a unique personality and the emotional state at that moment of drawing. When students start to draw, they put in full concentration on their piece of work. Gradually the faces relax as they see their art forming shape, follow by a blooming smile on their faces when they complete their masterpieces. Such is the wonderful healing power of art therapy.

Workshop and Retreat

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Liver Cleansing


Many diseases are due to toxin buildup in our body. We conduct natural liver cleansing workshop to help reinstate proper functioning of organs.

Detox Retreat


Rejuvenate and refresh at our therapeutic retreat.

Detox &


[Toxin-Out] – Removing Toxin from your Body.
Toxin builds up from skin to internal organs, causing chronic illness. Detoxify at physical and emotional level.
[Energy-In] – Ingesting Nutrients and Energise your Body
Consume the right food based on individual body constitution. Develop a balanced healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.