The REAL Program


Active, Graceful & Conscious Aging

真善人文   和心互爱   迈向轻安

About The REAL Program

REAL Program stands for Relaxing Exercises, Emotional Release, Active Volunteeering and Lifelong Learning.

The REAL Program draws on Kampung Senang’s extensive experience in supporting over 6000 elderly, cancer patients and survivors, and providing public holistic health and wellness educational programs since 1999. This comprehensive program incorporates activities, workshops, therapies and handholding guidance that have helped our members and participants to shift from despair to optimism, from chronic disease to restored health, and from resignation to renewed vigor for life. This is a transformative program, specially designed for active agers, which will empower and support participants to make the necessary changes to the way they feel, behave, and think so that they can live life to the fullest.

The program includes exciting life-enhancing activities, workshops, therapies.

Relaxing Exercises :

  • Gentle slow-paced exercises suited to seniors for healing mind and body.
  • Shuai Shou Gong 甩手功
  • Fan Lao Huan Tong Gong 返老还童功
  • Yoga 瑜珈Yuan Xue Gong 圆穴功
  • Pai Da Gong 拍打功
  • Tai Chi 太极
  • Energy Dance 能量舞

Emotional Release : 
Easy, effective natural therapies for releasing struck emotions, relieving depression, overcoming frustrations. Often, emotional relief can be felt during the first session.

  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique 情绪管理技巧
  • Pastel Shine Art Therapy 艺术画疗
    Incense & Essential Oil Therapy 香疗艺术与精油疗法
  • Sound Healing 音疗
  • Laughter Yoga 笑瑜珈
  • Healing Codes 疗愈密码
  • Inner Journey  内在旅程
  • DIY Playdough 手工彩泥

Active Volunteering: 
Activities to broaden perspective on life, improve social skills and provide opportunities to contribute.

  • Visiting Nursing Homes & Old Folks’ Homes
  • Gardening 园艺
  • Wheelchair servicing 轮椅维修服务
  • …And many possibilities

 Lifelong Learning in collaboration with EcoCollege, we conduct mentally stimulating, health and lifestyle enhancing, educationally empowering programs and workshops.

  • Enzymes making 酵素制作
  • Healthy Food Preparation 健康食材配备
  • Herbal Therapy 草药食疗
  • Chang Shen Xu 长生学
  • Myo-therapy DIY 经络整椎调理
  • Neurofeedback Learning 脑波共振调理
    Tea / Fragrance Ceremony  茶与香道
  • Mindfulness workplace
  • Green & Healthy Rejuvenation 蔬食养生班
  • How to eat yourself out of illness 食疗基础班

How is The REAL Program run?

The program is conducted by Kampung Senang in conjunction with RCs and CCCs. Program activities are conducted daily from Monday to Saturdays for
2 hours. In order to support adoption of plant-based diets and disease prevention, chemical-free plant-based lunches will be provided to participants. TCM practitioners will be on hand to provide weekly medical check-ups and provide non-invasive medical intervention if necessary.

Contact information

For inquiries and/or registration of activities and courses please contact
Ms Soh Kheng /  Ms Angeline Poh or
phone: 6749 8509