When you’re out of home, would you not want your child to feel at home?
Besides facing the challenges that come with their children entering primary school, working parents have to juggle work commitments against children’s studies and numerous activities. Despite time constraint, parents will not compromise on what is best for their children.

We strongly believe in providing a cosy, safe and nurturing environment, just like home, for children to grow and develop. Our experienced guardians will supervise the children’s school work and provide necessary guidance in the physical and emotional aspects of their lives. To balance work and play, we have included in our programme unique enrichment activities to develop children in the areas of concentration, filial piety and team work.

At Kampung Senang Student Care Centre, we understand that your child needs more than just a place to eat and study – your child needs tender loving care.


Student Care Centre
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Singapore 520840
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Email : studentcare@kampungsenang.org

Opening Hours:
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