Wheels of Nurture

Kampung Senang’s community outreach and educational programs are grouped under Wheels of Nurture, Including a Waldorf –inspired childcare, student care , Family Learning Centre , school projects and Public events. We offer children under our care using veggie from our own nature Farm and from organic import sources, to ensure healthy, wholesome and eco-friendly food -As we advocate organic and wholesome living as a way to love and protect mother earth!

Whole Child Nurture Centre (WCNC)

Whole Child Nurture Centre

Kampung Senang pioneered Singapore’s first Waldorf-inspired kindergarten and childcare centre – the Whole Child Nurture Centre. WCNC espouses a holistic approach to the education of young children by emphasising character building and human values in its activities and programs. Healthy organic vegetarian meals are provided. Financial assistance programs are also available for application. Click here for more info.

Holistic Lifestyle Centre (HLC)

Holistic Lifestyle Centre

Healthy lifestyles is our advocate for our members, schools, corporations and the general public, communicated through seminars, workshops, and educational talks. A place of healing for cancer affected people, we provide a range of cancer support services such as counselling, and therapies. Visitations are arranged with organic home delivery meals for immobilized patients. Check out our Eco-Friendly Kitchen, Organic Shop and more here.

Student Care Centre

Student Care Centre

The Student Care Centre is an after school care centre for children of working parents. The SCC helps students balance their time between study and play while nurturing them with human values, creativity and sports. Weekly Intergenerational Bonding Sessions with the elderly provide our students with opportunities to develop important human and social skills. Click here for more info.

Family Learning Centre

Neurofeedback Learning Centre

The Neurofeedback Learning Centre uses the latest computer-based brain training technology to promote health. It helps children to improve behaviour and mental performance, and become more effective learners. Adults also benefit by being helped to cope better with stressful situations and chronic health issues brought on by stress. Click here for more info.

  • Daniel was easily provoked, hot tempered and could not focus on his work…After 15 sessions of Neurofeedback, we see great improvement in his ability to focus. He can now sit down for at least half an hour and his quality of work greatly improved. With that comes greater confidence and interest…We have certainly seen how Neurofeedback has done wonders with him.
    Wender Sng (not her real name)
    Mother of 10-year-old Daniel Ang (not his real name)
    20 July 2013